Praying the Hours

I’ve been reading lately about fixed-hour prayer and how the early followers of Jesus used the practice of praying at fixed times of the day to anchor their lives and centre their attention on God. Many interpreted Paul’s exhortation to ‘pray without ceasing’ to be this type of prayer.

Phyllis Tickle wrote an excellent book The Divine Hours and a series of fixed-hour prayer books for the seasons of the year. I’ve been attempting this practice during Lent this year using Phyllis’ book (pocket edition), but I’m finding it difficult to remember when I need to stop and pray. I’ve often reverted back to Scot McKnight’s idea to pray The Lord’s Prayer three set times a day. Even this slips my mind too easily.

Has anyone else tried this kind of prayer? What was your experience like? Did you do anything in particular (successfully) that helped you to remember to pray?


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