My Faith Needs Grace

Listening to Caedmon’s Call this morning on the way to work, I was reminded how much I need God’s grace. In the song ‘Shifting Sand,’ I see myself so often as I, like the singer, want it all (and think I need it all) instead of believing God in the unknown– the mysteries of life.

My faith is like shifting sand
Changed by every wave
My faith is like shifting sand
So I stand on grace.

So I pray for grace to accept the tension between present understandings and the mysteries of God. These mysteries I won’t be able to grasp (or begin to grasp). And what I think I believe changes with every wave–except that which is grounded in God’s goodness, love, and mercy.

I can’t do this journey on my own, so God journeys with me, his over-abundance under my feet to support me. With him I have a firm foundation–his love and grace–and the waves may come and wash over me, but on his grace i stand.


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