A few people have asked me about the podcasts I listen to regularily. Here’s a short list:
Mars Hill Bible Church, Grand Rapids USA (Rob Bell’s home church, not to be confused with Mars Hill Seattle) – Great teaching. In the middle of a Sermon on the Mount series. Rob preaches regularly here.
Homebrewed Christianity – A very informal interview show with Chad & Tripp, usually with an author or speaker.
All Saints Episcopal Church Passadena (USA) – Sermons with a kingdom-living, activist, inclusive framework. (Most of these are 20-25 minutes long only).
Woodland Hills Church, St Paul, USA – Greg Boyd’s church. Solid Bible-based, Jesus-centered teaching from a kingdom-here-and-now perspective.
Revolution NYC – Informal teaching, very grass-roots, more like a casual talk, from Jay Bakker (‘wayward’ son of Jim & Tammy-Faye!). Spot-on much of the time, but not easy to listen to.
Anchor Church, Houston Texas – Chip Harbin’s church, a post-modern Christian approach to the Bible aimed at ages 20-30.
All these podcasts are available on iTunes free of charge, downloadable to your ipod or computer. Most of these podcasts also have web pages or blogs. Enjoy!


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