McLaren Interview

“Rather than intuitively hunker down in a defensive posture or go on the attack, as our dominant religious metaphors might incline us to do, McLaren proposes Christians reach for a new metaphor, that of quest. A quest is a search for something worth having, in this case a search for a faith increasingly more worthy of Jesus, our Lord.”

This is from a post on Emergent Village today: A Brian McLaren interview by Melvin Bray. With all the negative stuff online, it’s great to see how Brian responds (unfortunately they only have the first question posted, but hopefully more will be coming soon.)


One thought on “McLaren Interview

  1. I like the word “quest,” it has a noble sound to it.
    However, I have to add, because I stress this in theology all the time – the source/origin of our quest is always the God who is seeking us. God is no holy grail waiting to be found. He is a lover seeking to woe us.
    That said, I like the image of being on a quest much more than an image of being on a crusade. ( What were those Crusaders thinking! What gospel were they reading?)

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