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I’m in the middle of reading Brian McLaren’s new book ‘A New Kind of Christianity.’ I find it refreshing and challenging, yet I know others find it threatening and sometimes even damning. There are hundreds of critiques, reviews, and condemning write-ups on sites and blogs on the internet–a few have even read the book and spent serious time studying it. While I intened to write up my own thoughts at a later date, here are a few prepared earlier. Bishop Alan Wilson on his blog says this:

The label “Orthodox” can [be] appropriated, ludicrously, as a synonym for “Conventional.” Real orthodoxy, even in the merely denominational sense of the term, is far from that. Although you may say Orthodox Christians have a funny way of showing this aspect of their faith, its first principle is to be is radically plugged into a living tradition, with a dynamic view of the Holy Spirit. Checkbox conformity to type is very much less than that.

This book expresses generous Orthodoxy, to use the title of another of Brian McClaren’s books, because it emphatically does not substitute modern thought for tradition — something it will be doubtless accused of doing by people who know very little about either. McClaren ain’t no Jack Spong. His working materials are the ancient creeds and practices of Christianity. These he uses as bricks with which to construct a building rather than smash windows or construct coshes. To continue the building metaphor, this is not a new building, but a tithe barn conversion in which the materials of the old structure have been lovingly taken down and cleaned to give them another 500 years of life, rather than disposed of.

Read the full post here.

Here’s a post from Nic Paton that deals with the Fall/Redemption aspect (or the Greco-Roman Six-line narrative).

There are many more and I hope to read a few more and will post links as I do.


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