Climate Change is Not Political

This is part of an email circulated to all staff at my place of employment. It is about climate change and the basis why we believe it’s a certainty (rather than just muddled speculation by ‘some’ scientists). Thanks to St Columba College’s  Head of Science for his enthusiasm and conviction which prompted this:

Science is non-political. It is evidence-based and peer reviewed. Not one scientist is flawless, so scientists work in communities to analyse and process data to come to conclusions. Results and conclusions are internationally verified, and ultimately any mistakes are fixed (and this may or may not be revealed). On rare occasions a scientist may fabricate data to suit a desired outcome. Such frauds are soon discovered and disgraced and their careers are over.

Unfortunately some people have succeeded in making climate change a political issue and this has led to a shift in the numbers of people concerned about climate change. (Note this is not about politically-driven solutions to the problem.) Since many people don’t understand the science of climate change they are relient on what scientists are saying and then this is where their trust is placed. People also place trust in their political pursuasion, so if their side of politics denies climate change, then there is a competing place in which to place their trust.

This is what has occurred in the past 4 months. For this reason, as a scientist, educator and Science Coordinator, I am duty-bound to remind people that 95% of the world’s science community is unequivical in their assessment that climate change is happening and that is is due to human activity. And, as mentioned above, this conclusion is internationally reviewed and verified.

If you are unaware of the basic causes of climate change (namely global warming), the site link below provides the basic ideas.

(This the the educator coming out in me!)

This Saturday night earth hour is on again and if possible it would be good to get behind this cause.


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