Were is the ‘I’ in the Cross?

I’m wondering if anyone can help me with a question I’ve been sitting with for a while now: Where in the Bible can I find a specific reference to Jesus dying on the cross for my personal, individual sins? I know beyond a doubt that he died for ‘the world,’ ‘all,’ ‘anyone,’ ‘everyone,’ ‘us,’ ‘whoever,’ and ‘for sin’–but where does it say he died for me personally? I accept by faith that he did, but does Scripture back it up? Considering how NT writers usually wrote to collective groups, and thus used terms like ‘us,’ ‘you’ (as in ‘you all’–a plural form), and ‘our,’ I dare say it is more likely a recent interpretation of the text to which we can attribute the doctrine of a ‘personal’ Saviour. I know personal faith in Christ is spoken about in the epistles in verses such as Romans 10:9-11 and 1 John 5, but I don’t think this is the same as Jesus dying for my individual sins. What do you think?


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