Emmaus Way and ‘Rite 7’ CD

I’ve been so blessed and encouraged to have come across the Emergent community of Emmaus Way in Durhm, North Carolina (USA). The weekly podcast of their Sunday evening service is not your typical church service. It seems to be such a natural way to gather: no division between ‘secular’ and ‘sacred’ (most of their music is of the ‘secular’ classification), no traditions that are unbreakable (on Easter they served champagne and sweetbreads for communion), and it seems that it is such a welcoming and inclusive community.

Have a listen to the podcast (subscribe via iTunes). But wait, there’s more! Their music team have just released a new CD called ‘Rite 7.’ It is a mix of tried-and-true songs and some their own people have written. All are played in their own style with a high degree of professionalism and musicianship. And you can listen to all of its songs online for free! (You can also buy the album on iTunes.) Click here to listen.

Their co-pastors, Tim Condor and Daniel Rhodes, have written a book about the Bible in community entitled Free for All. You can check it out here.

In talking about a new way of being the church, a lot can be gained by experiencing the life of communities like Emmaus Way. While I know I won’t find a perfect church, I can see so much in gatherings like this that draw me in and resound with my present experience.


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