Two-Way Evangelism

The new edition of Next-Wave e-zine is out and features an article entitled ‘Two-way Evangelism without Losing Your Faith’ by John Backman which I found to be quite timely. Have a read here.

Here’s a brief quote from it:

“So let’s say, as we did in Next-Wave last August, that old-school evangelism is obsolete. Assume that instead of making the gospel “sales pitch,” we join the general conversation as the only way to build trust with a skeptical culture. Conversation means listening: not while preparing our rebuttal, but with an open heart and mind.

“That leads to an unsettling question. If I listen at length to a Hindu, or a Buddhist, or a Wiccan, will my own faith change? Am I putting my core beliefs at risk?”

There are a few other thought-provoking and challenging articles in this month’s Next-wave, so do yourself a favour and explore it.


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