BBQ (Blog, Book and Quote)

Blog … Brian McLaren: Notes from Mombasa. Brian writes briefly about creation and shares 5 possible ways of seeing Genesis 1. Read more here.

Book … I’m currently reading two great books–If God is Love: Rediscovering Grace in an Ungracious World by Philip Gulley & James Mullholland; and The Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation by Barabara Rossing. Both books contain some degree of controversy (if you are part of the Evangelical movement in the Christian Church), yet answer some rather meaningful and necessary questions that people ask–and should be allowed to ask. While I haven’t read these books in their entirety yet, what I have digested is enough to recommend them to anyone who is (or has been) entertaining a suspicion of what is mostly the conventional fare in Evangelicalism.

Quote …  “A selfish love seldom respects the rights of the beloved to be an autonomous person. Far from respecting the true being of another and granting his personality room to grow and expand in its own original way, this love seeks to keep him in subjection to ourselves. It insists that he conform himself to us, and it works in every possible way to make him do so.” – Thomas Merton, quoted in If God is Love by Philip Gulley & James Mullholland.


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