It’s Saturday Night, I Wish This Happened At My Church Tomorrow

One of my Twitter friends put me on to this guy, Carlos Whitakker, and his blog Ragamuffin Soul. What he writes is so true for many. I’ve included his post from 29 May and a few of the comments from it afterwards. What do you wish would happen in your church on Sunday?

“Tomorrow is Sunday.
Tomorrow is a day that many a church staff have bled, sweated (is that a word?), and cried over.
Tomorrow is what I have heard referred to as “game day”.
Tomorrow is Sunday.
Tomorrow many people are guessing as to what you “need”
Tomorrow is the day that most people wake up, get ready, and go to a building to sing songs and listen to someone deliver words that could lead to life change.
So it’s Saturday night.”

People would show up messy and own it, like an AA meeting. Instead of showing up clean and hiding it.

I wish that people would enter our doors full of the Holy Spirit having communed with Him intimately throughout the week. I wish that we could be silent before the Lord for more than 30 seconds without it being awkward. I wish that we would be ministers to one another as the body and that we would leave more in awe of God and hungrier for His word than when we came in. I wish that we could be silent before the Lord for more than 30 seconds without it being awkward. I wish for true revival in the hearts of people.

I wish people would show up more than now and then and truly take time to enjoy fellowship with each other. I am pretty sure that the Holy Spirit can take care of the heart stuff. Church should be the Body of Christ coming together and fellowshipping with each other. I do believe that is one awesome way to worship God be getting to know those around you and appreciating them for who they are and not just what they can do for “you or your church”. God’s people are truly amazing! (Julie)

I wish we’d all show up – staff included – admitting we are all broken & that’s why we’re all here in the first place. (Tracey)

I wish that tomorrow, a handful of people would realize that they aren’t attending church but that they are the church.

I wish that tomorrow, those that are almost burnt out would be passionately ignited to continue to serve.

I wish that tomorrow, that person that is sad when the worship stops at the end of the last song, would realize that worship is not contained to lyrics and chords. (Blane)

I hope that people EXPERIENCE God whether they know Him or not…that we would care more about KNOWING Jesus instead of having a knowledge of Him. (Matt)

I wish my tweens would be so engaged in the service that they would put down the book they brought to read, or the game they’re playing on their phone. (Jen)

I wish He would send a bright shaft of light upon Mr. Gardner’s Face. Mr. Gardner ends up falling asleep every sunday. He snores. Really, really loud. Oh, and shaking him gentley does not work…it just makes his head move onto my shoulder…and than he drools (Emaline)

Ok, that last one was just for fun, but the point has been made. Now, what would YOU wish for in your church this Sunday?


One thought on “It’s Saturday Night, I Wish This Happened At My Church Tomorrow

  1. I wish people in church spent less time focusing on what other churches are doing. I wish people really understood what it means to be the church. I wish we could know our differences and be able to get along anyway.

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