Where do You go to Church?

The latest issue of the Next-wave e-zine is out. Here’s a taste:

“Where do you go to church?”I have never liked this question, even when I was able to answer it with a specific organization. I know what it means culturally, but it is based on a false premise–that church is something you can go to as in a specific event, location or organized group. I think Jesus looks at the church quite differently. He didn’t talk about it as a place to go to, but a way of living in relationship to him and to other followers of his.

Asking me where I go to church is like asking me where I go to Jacobsen. How do I answer that? I am a Jacobsen and where I go a Jacobsen is. ‘Church’ is that kind of word. It doesn’t identify a location or an institution. It describes a people and how they relate to each other. If we lose sight of that, our understanding of the church will be distorted and we’ll miss out on much of its joy.

Read it all … Why I Don’t Go to Church Anymore by Wayne Jacobsen

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Another article that may get you thinking is 10 Things I Learned About the Church Since Seminary. It kind of reminds me of the premise in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. You may not agree with everything here, but it’s worth a look.

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Here’s another good point:

In 1983, the insurance money from a robbery gave Tony and me the opportunity to travel to the Far East.  While we were there, we spent four days at Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho’s church in Korea, at that time the largest church in the world with around 350,000 members.  We learned many lessons from our time there.  One morning, we were wandering through the administrative building, when someone approached us offering an interview with Dr. Cho.  During our 20 minutes with him, one of three things he said to us was…

“You will never see revival in the West until you are willing to use your women.”

Read it all… Rethinking the Challenging Scriptures by Felicity Dale

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

In his article The REAL Dirt on Organic Church, Neil Cole elaborates on three facts about being the Church in this way: Organic Church hurts more, is more messy, and has less applause. Maybe that’s why so few do Church this way. If your thoughts have ever taken you down this road, then Neil’s writing is worth a read.

And there’s a lot more, so click and be challenged!


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