Not the Real Thing!

I’m a huge fan of Top Gear. My son Brent and I love to watch the show and see what antics the guys get up to in their pursuit of the fastest, most slick-looking, best drives in the world. I drool as I watch some of those sporty numbers taking on the slopes of the Italian Alps or the streets of Monaco. Now I know I’ll never be able to afford 90% of those vehicles–and even if I could, I can see numerous more worthy causes than my self-indulgence.

But that hasn’t stopped one enterprising lad! He decided that if he couldn’t afford to buy a Porsche 911, he would make one himself. Here are some pictures:

Step 1: Build a frameStep 2: Add a car-shapeStep 3: Attach ribs to support the exoskeletonStep 4: Attach the exoskeltonStep 5: Cover the whole frame with paper and glueStep 6: Add lights, windows, trim and foil and pedal away!Can you tell the difference?OK, so it’s extremely green (pedal-powered) and needs no license to drive. It probably can’t get past 30kmh on a  good stretch. And it doesn’t have the leather seats, air-con or power-everything. But it sure is a innovative creation!

These pictures remind me how often we settle for cheap replicas that don’t last and that don’t even look like the real thing when–unlike the Porsche in this story– we can have the real thing.

A brief moment of calm vs a deep peace.

A passing feeling of lust vs a loving, committed marriage.

A fleeting morning of happiness vs a genuine heartfelt joy.

An hour of ‘flirting’ with the Divine in church vs an unceasing deep awareness of God’s indwelling Spirit, a strong confidence in his unconditional love and life grounded in his eternal acceptance and embrace of you just as you are.

Why settle for anything less than the real thing?

. . . unless, of course, what you really, really want is a alfoil-covered bicycle-Porsche!

(By the way, that last picture IS the real thing!)


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