Music That Helps Me Believe . . .

I stumbled across a link to Adam Ellis’ blog, Adventures in Following Jesus, today (on Jesus Needs New PR–great title!) and found this little gem: Music that helps me believe, and music that doesn’t. Music is such an integral part of our lives and can be a great influencer of our theology and well-being. I found his post a good starter for me to think about what I’m putting into my ears.

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Speaking of Jesus Needs New PR, here’s an interesting collection of pictures I found, some of which are just pure corn, especially this church sign that links free thinkers with Satan.

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Looking at funny Christian cartoons and pictures amuses me, probably because it makes me feel better–like ‘I’m not like them,’ or ‘I can’t believe they would do that.’ When it hits closer to home is when it becomes challenging. Do I appreciate it as much when it strikes a chord in my own life experience and (ahem!) convicts me?

I’ve found the Naked Pastor’s cartoons fall into this category a lot of the time, and then again some are just purely hilarious!

This one isn’t funny even though it, at first glance, appears to poke fun at the WWJD crowd. Unfortunately, a lot of damage has been done to those toting all sorts of WWJD merchandise, claiming to desire Jesus-like thinking. Its message is a challenge to the 21st Century church to truly be like Jesus and love unconditionally.

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