“Compassion is expressed in gentleness. When I think of the persons I know who model for me the depths of the spiritual life, I am struck by their gentleness … They are gentle because they have honestly faced the struggles given to them and have learned the hard way that personal survival is not the point. Their caring is gentle because their self-aggrandizement is no longer at stake. There is nothing in it for them. Their vulnerability has been stretched to clear-eyed sensitivity to others and truly selfless love.” — John E. Biersdorf (from Healing of Purpose: God’s Call to Discipleship)

I found this quote in Sojourners Verse & Voice email today. It spoke to me, probably because I know someone like this–one who is gentle, kind, is exuberant as he shows God’s love in everything and to all, is encouraging and uplifting, and truly is an example of what it means to live like Jesus.

I want to be like that. I’ve got a long way to go, but that’s the kind of person I want to become. God help me.


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