Jesus Died for This?: New Issue of Next-Wave is Online

The next issue of Next-Wave e-zine is out. I’d post a few extracts, but for some reason the entire text in the browser is a link to another website.

The feature article is about Christian marketing, taken from Becky Garrison‘s new book Jesus Died for This? It’s written in a light-hearted way, but with some profound truths–the main one summed up this way:

Labels like Emergent, Evangelical or even Christian can be helpful reference points, provided one doesn’t take the label, turn it into a designer logo, and market the product as if it’s more important than Christ. How can anyone preach against empire with a marketing team? That makes about as much sense as a Quaker owning a gun shop.

As usual, Charlie Wear has filled the mag with interesting, challenging, confronting, and controversial tidbits. A write-up entitled Structures are the Problem looks at David’s view of the temple and how we see our own church structures today. The Joys of Sin Management addresses the “management” of our sin and the greater blessing of knowing that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Finally, I recommend the article Emerging for the Rest of Us which honestly looks at the Emerging Church movement from one Josh Tandy’s eyes and sees the cynicism that many in this movement display towards the institutional church, but also shares the much-needed emphases on missional living, honesty, humility, and a shared authority present within many incarnations of  Emergent Christianity.


2 thoughts on “Jesus Died for This?: New Issue of Next-Wave is Online

  1. Thanks for referencing the excerpt – I am glad you could see how I “try” to employ the discipline of satire to speak the truth as I see it. Emphasis on the word try, as I never claim to be perfect.

  2. Becky, I just got the book on Kindle and am immersed in it. I can so relate! Thanks for putting it in print. As far as satire goes, Evangelical Christianity surely lends itself to this!

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