OK. So the driver started out in the morning on an ordinary delivery day with a fully-loaded truck. A few minutes down the highway and . . . smash! Oops!

How would you respond? How could you keep your cool in the middle of such a mess?

I must admit I wouldn’t be very cool about it. I may let out a few not-so-pretty words and possibly would try to place the blame on anyone except for me.

Then the cleanup . . .

Have you ever had a day like this?

Recently I was booking plane tickets online and clicked on ‘Confirm’ without realising the flight dates were 3 months before the time I actually wanted to travel. Oops!

I was angry, I let off a few nasty words, then I got back online to clean up my mess . . . and it cost me big time–not only in dollars but also in limited available flights and seats. What started as a great plan was transformed into a major fail in a few minutes.

Not wanting to sound like Oprah, but “It is what it is.” While many times we can avoid mistakes and their consequences, once we’ve stuffed up, it’s done. We can’t go around wondering what would happen if we could turn back time. Doing this only leads to frustration and regret. A mistake is just another reminder of the fact that we are imperfect and that we are constantly experiencing the unexpected. However, in the middle of our daily muck-ups (and they do occur daily, at least for me!), God is still with us, comforting, encouraging . . . forgiving . . . and picking us up and setting us on our journey again.

The writer of the biblical book of Lamentations knew about trouble, frustration, mistakes, and the feelings of sadness, regret and depression that follows. Yet he was able to testify of God:  ‘Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning’ (Lam 3:23, NLT).

And, like the driver of this delivery truck, consequences are inevitable. But God’s is faithful and God’s grace is more than sufficient–even when we are dealing with the results of our own mistakes. Even in our ‘cleaning up’ experience, his healing mercy showers down on us and helps us to see through our momentary pain to the hope of a new day tomorrow.


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