I think it has become necessary that I write a disclaimer for this blog. Some people have been confused by links that I post and by references that I make. So here goes.

Part 1. While I post links to various people, sites, and organisations on DIFOG, the things that are contained at the end of those links is beyond my control. I post a link to something I find interesting, challenging, of some value. I do not intend to state I agree with everything that site or page contains.

The only material I assume full responsibility for is that material which is contained on this blog’s pages with the DIFOG heading at the top.

So, before you comment, please look to see if the DIFOG banner is at the top of the page you are viewing. If it does, that is stuff that is written or quoted by me personally and for which I take full responsibility.

That being said, I wouldn’t post a link if I didn’t find something at the end of it that would benefit or would be of some value.

Part 2. I read a lot, and I frequently read material that resounds with my experience. I post some of it to this blog, or post links to where you can find the book to purchase or read about online.

Sometimes, a post will develop as I am reading. This being the case, the post will reflect the material in the book, magazine, or blog I cite. You, the reader, could draw conclusions that I am targeting various people or groups, or that I am underhandedly referring to my own church family. Please be aware that if I am directly referring to my church family, I will mention the fact (as I have done so on several occasions). If it doesn’t state so, then that is not my intention.

Please, read. Enjoy. Learn. Relate. Comment. Criticise. Link. Re-post. Talk about it. But before you do, consider what I have just said. Thank you.



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