Be With Us

God of strength, be with us. Hold us in your strong-fingered hands, and let us be the sacrament of your strength to those whose hands we hold.

God of gentleness, be with us. May your tenderness shine through its to warm all who are hurt and lonely.

God of simplicity be with us. Open to us a clear vision of what is real and true: lead us deeply into the mystery of your truth. May our dealings with others be marked by the honesty which is simplicity.

God of wonder be with us. Delight us with thunder and bird-song, sunrise and blossom. Enchant our senses, fill our hearts, give us wide-open eyes to see the spendour in the humble and majestic. May our own wonder open the eyes and hands and hearts of the blind and the deaf and the insensitive.

God of compassion, be with us. Hold us close when we are weary or hurt or alone – when there is rain in our hearts. May we be the warm hands and warm eyes of compassion for our friends when they reach out to its in need.

God of peace, be with us. Still the heart that hammers with fear or doubt or confusion. Let your peace, the warm mantle of your peace, cover those who are troubled or anxious.

God of joy, be with us. Thrill us with your nearness: fill our throats to ringing, singing exultation.

God of love, be with us. Listen to us, tell its your secrets, give yourself to us, drawing us close. May your love in each one of us light fires of faith and hope, and may the fires glow in our eyes and meet your love glowing in the eyes of our friends.

Triune God, be with us. Draw its ever deeper into your being. May the blessing of community arise from within us, radiate around us, and ream in forever.


(This prayer was part of our staff gathering on Monday morning this week and it was too beautiful not to share.)


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