Why am I Evangelical?

Brian McLaren was recently asked the question ‘Why are you Evangelical?’ His response is multi-faceted and I give you a couple of his answers:

2. I grew up in a fundamentalist-evangelical background. That’s simply a fact of my biography. For good (I learned to read and love the Bible from an early age, I understood Christian faith in terms of personal commitment not just status or heritage, I was given a bias towards faith-inspired action) and for not-so-good (there was a lot of guilt, us-versus-them thinking, fear of being rejected, and simplistic reading of the Bible), I am who I am because of my evangelical heritage.

3. I’ve evaluated some dimensions of my inherited evangelicalism and found them wanting, but other dimensions mean more to me than ever; I think every evangelical would say the same thing. We’re all in the process of inheriting and adapting our inheritance so that what we pass on to future generations is a continually-enriched treasure. (Read the full article here.)

I would say pretty much the same thing. It is just a label in a world that seems to need a labeling system. I may or may not be classified the same by those who interact with me, but I still see myself within the evangelical camp, though not always sitting as close to the campfire or sleeping in the same kind of tent.



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