Relationships and Belief

I came across Mike Croghan’s blog today and this post in particular: On Relationship and Belief. Mike writes about the need some see for organisations to have detailed belief statements and agreement on set doctrines. In a rather long post, he shows how his church, Common Table, uses the Nicene Creed as a compass (giving direction) for their community. Here’s a small segment of Mike’s post:

In my experience, centering on beliefs builds divisions with those who (even temporarily) do not share those beliefs. Centering on relationships does the opposite – it brings people together despite their differences. This has been my experience of Common Table Church in the five years I’ve been connected with it.

And as long as the relationship that’s at the core of our community is our relationship with Jesus – following after him, being formed by him – and as long as we in our relationships with each other are committed to maintaining that tension between acceptance and accountability – in short, as long as we are faithful to Christ and to one another – belief, to the extent that it is helpful, will follow. But in my opinion we must not put it first.

I recommend you read the entire post and think about what Mike has to say (Click here). At the end of the day, beliefs are important but only inasmuch as they give direction for healthy relationships, both with others and with God.


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