Happy New Year!

I was reading my stars for 2011 today and am excited to announce that I am going to have a very good year with some financial benefits, and with June being my best ever month yet. But I do need to be careful September 12th because something is in my somewhere and it’s gonna hit me bad, I think. Anyhow, what’s one off day in an otherwise grand year?

Have you ever thought about fate, providence, predestination and the whole idea of foreknowledge and how it can lead us into a sense of resignation, or an attitude of ‘Why even try’?

God has gifted human beings with the greatest gift of free choice. While I would love to devote more time to the whole concept of open theism, let me say this: I believe our choices play a direct role in determining where our journey takes us. Without this precious gift, we would be like puppets on a divine string, being controlled in every aspect of our existence.

Rather than that, I believe God equips us with good sense, logic, and a moral compass (tuned as we grow through those who influence us including family, friends, teachers, spiritual leaders and media) as well as the Holy Spirit to guide us along the way. God then allows us to take steps into our own future and make decisions as to what those steps will be. While I may seek God’s heart in my decision-making, ultimately the choice rests with me whether or not I choose to go along in a path that glorifies God or in a way that pleases myself–and many times, I must admit, these paths are one and the same; it really depeneds on how much I find joy in walking in the Light.

So I do not leave myself in the hands of fate, or resign myself to having a year simply dictated by the stars. I travel hand-in-hand with God who loves me, always wants what is best for me, leads me in my journey, and yet gives me freedom to choose. Yes, I will make wrong choices, but God in loving generosity picks me up; I learn a lesson (or not) and keep on walking, step by step, day by day, on my journey.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. It’s a thrill, and sometimes it’s not so much fun. But each day is better when it is shared with those of like faith, ambition, and sense of adventure.

So, regardless of what your stars say, may you be blessed in the new year knowing that your are loved. May your days be filled with praise and joy. May your path be smooth (or at least seem smooth most days). And may you continue dancing with me and our Father God in fields of grace.

Happy New Year!

Peace be with you.


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