Spirit Life

I’m looking forward to Brian McLaren ‘s new book being released in March. Here’s a snippet from Brian’s blog:

A spiritual life is a Spirit life, a life in the Spirit, and Jesus’ life and work come into proper focus when we realise his goal was not to start a new religion – and certainly not to create a new religion that would seek to compete with or persecute his own religion of Judaism! No: his goal was to fill with Spirit-wine the empty stone jars of religion – his own religion and any other one, I’d say. His goal wasn’t to start a new religious argument about dogma-mountains; it was to fill hearts with Spirit-fountains. His goal wasn’t to replace one group of powerful religious grown-ups (like Nicodemus) with another, but to help everyone become like little children through Spirit-birth. (Brian D. McLaren, Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in Twelve Simple Words. HarperOne, 2011, Chapter 2)

How does my / your / our life demonstrate the living and ongoing regeneration of the Holy Spirit?


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