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I came across a powerful website The Forgiveness Project which shares with the world a better way to live by forgiving past wrongs and hurts, and restoring both the victim and the perpetrator (where possible) to a life of wholeness and freedom. In its many pages, this site tells the stories of so many people (some are pictured on the left) from all walks of life and all parts of our world who have experienced the power of forgiveness as a healing force in their lives. These people have found that there is freedom in forgiving another, even when you find that you can never forget what has taken place. Visit The Forgiveness Project with an expectation that you will be inspired by those whose lives you encounter there.

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My friend, John van de Laar fi South Africa, shares around the parable of the workers in the vineyard in his post Beyond Meritocracy on his Sacredise site. I was reading this parable Sunday afternoon since it is part of the Lectionary readings for the day, and once again marvelled at the grace of our loving God. Here’s some of what John wrote:
‘. . . [I]t’s difficult to read this parable and not hear the call to relinquish our own sense of victimhood and competitiveness. The workers who had started early and got paid the agreed amount, were upset because the vineyard owner did not change their agreement to give them more than they “deserved”. They got their hopes up when they saw what happened with the latecomers, but in doing so, they made all sorts of competitive assumptions that they shouldn’t have. In the end, it was their own competitiveness and lack of gratitude that got them upset, not the owner’s generosity. What a difference it would make in our world if we could learn to celebrate the good fortune of others, to appreciate what we have, and to stop casting ourselves as victims who have been “cheated” by “undeserving” others. If we can make this shift in our hearts and minds, we may just discover that the generosity of God, and of those who follow Christ’s teaching, spurs us on the greater creativity and “achievement” as we seek to become more generous ourselves.’ (Read more here)

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This from MINEmergent:

In Praise of the Semicolon
Never put a period, or colon or even a comma where God put a semicolon.

Unlike the settled-

or the colon’s
invitation to see all

or the exclamation point’s
screaming, insistent

or even the lighthearted
comma with its
sabbath pause

the outrageous
semicolon holds
us in the middle
without yielding to one
thing or the other.

It’s so easy to get lost
along the way where
there is so much
pushing and pulling.

God I believe;
Help my unbelief.
Amen; Life.

Terry L. Chapman

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Here’s an article you may find of interest from G magazine: How to Talk to a Climate Change Sceptic. While the majority of climate scientists (97%) have reached a consensus on the factuality of climate change, politicians, radio personalities, and many in the general population still have their doubts. Click on the link to read the full article.


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