An Insecure God?

Is our God so insecure that he demands the credit for all his works and gifts?

Is our God so insecure that we must go about defending her honour and fighting her fights?

Is our God so insecure that if we fail to give him praise he will disown us?

Is our God so insecure that she cannot work in mysterious and unknown ways without anyone ever knowing it was God who was working?

No, our God is in no way insecure. He blesses those who will never know who to thank. She brings joy to many hearts, even if the joyous ones believe their happiness came from another. God gives generously anonymously, not concerned if the credit is given where it is due.

Because our God is a God of grace, love and understanding. He practices the grace of carrying us, even when we don’t know it’s he who bears our burdens.

Can you imagine a mother reminding her child that she must be thanked for all the good things done for her in motherly love? Can you imagine a father bent on receiving credit from his son for every small amount of help given, every ball thrown in play, and every bit of change spent on his necessities? No way!

Neither can I imagine a loving God demanding worship and adoration simply for being who he is and doing everything he does for his children. This is the security that comes from
a perfect love.

This is not to say that we do away with thanks and praise. Rather, we do so as those who are fully conscious of the goodness we have received and from whose gracious hand they have come … not because we serve a god who will smite us should we not give him glory.


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