Non-Dual Consciousness

“The lowest level of consciousness is entirely dualistic (win/lose)—reproduction, me versus the world, and basic survival. Many, I am afraid, never move beyond this. The higher levels of consciousness are more and more able to deal with contradictions, paradoxes, and all Mystery. This is spiritual maturity. At the higher levels, we can teach things like compassion, mercy, forgiveness, selflessness, even love of enemies. Any good contemplative practice quickly greases the wheels of the mind toward non-dual consciousness. This is exactly why saints can overlook offenses and love enemies! We must be honest enough to admit that this has not characterized most Christian clergy or laity up to now. It is not really their fault; no one taught them how to pray, even in seminaries.” – Richard Rohr, Contemplation AND Action: An Informal Session with Interns (CD)


One thought on “Non-Dual Consciousness

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