More Creepy Jesus Pictures

‘My Best Pal Jesus’

I am always astounded when I read wacky and wild ideas on the Internet. Some people have such a knack of being totally weird in their portrayal of the Church, Christianity (or other religions), or Jesus himself. This doesn’t stop with blogs, stories, articles or other posts. It is prevalent to many degrees in artistic displays of the Christ. Here’s a collection of some of the more recently-found pictures of the Saviour of the world (Apologies for the questionable taste/theology of the would-be ‘artists’):

‘Road Rage Jesus’ (Is his eye on the sparrow or does he just want to give you the bird?)

‘The Two Kings’ (Nothing like a quality velvet painting to say all that’s worth saying!)

My Favourite: ‘American Jesus’ (Because we all know Jesus, like Springsteen, was born in the U.S.A.)

‘Laughing Christ’


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