Not Satisfied

Still, some of us were not satisfied with our weekly or biweekly encounters with  God. We wanted more than set worship services or church work could offer us. We  wanted more than planning scavenger hunts for the youth group … more than serving on the outreach committee or rehearsing anthems with the choir. We wanted More.

We wanted a deeper sense of purpose. We wanted a stronger sense of God’s presence.

We wanted more reliable ways both to seek and stay in that presence – not for an  hour on Sunday morning or Wednesday afternoon but for as much time as we could stand. And yet the only way most of us knew to get that was to spend more time in church. So we volunteered more, dreamed  up more programs, invited more people to more classes where we could read more books. The minute we walked back out to our cars, many of us could feel the same old gnawing inside. Once we left church, we  were not sure what to do anymore.

Barbara Brown Taylor, in  An Altar in the World

If this quote unsettles you, resonates with you, or in any way causes you to consider positively or negatively your involvement in church and church-based activities, then I would encourage you to grab yourself a copy of Barbara Brown Taylor’s now-classic book about seeing God in everyday life.


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