Make Your World Beautiful

On my drive to work earlier this week I was amazed to find three trees in the median strip of Peachey Road had, overnight, been ‘blanketed’ in warm, colourful, knitted quilts. And not just the trees but the signposts of the street signs nearby as well.

I have no idea who thought of this novel art form, or who did the actual knitting and sewing together of the coloured squares and decided the finished blankets would look great displayed on the trees and signs in the middle of the road. I must admit, I thought of an elderly lady with numerous feline companions when I first saw it. But, regardless of whose handiwork this is, it seems to me to be meant as a gift to the community—a beautiful expression that was intended to make the world beautiful (at least this corner of it).

And this person should be applauded for their gift, however small or eccentric it may seem. They have done what they could.

It brings to my mind the question: What am I doing to make my world a more beautiful place? I know I won’t be doing any knitting any time soon. I may do some painting. I may dig in my garden. I may make somewhat-beautiful music. These are all things well within my reach.

But how many smiles can I give? How many encouraging words can I say? How may I make living in the immediate vicinity of Jon a more beautiful experience? What can I—we— do here and now in this place to make our world beautiful?

Any suggestions?  (Note: Comments containing the words “paper bag” or “cover your head” will be deleted.)


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