Pay for Someone Else

checkout2I was reading Mark H. Miller’s blog this morning and had to share this good news story and the challenge he took from it:

Jackie Switzer is a parishioner of a Christian Church in Round Rock, Texas—where I had served as interim pastor a few years ago.  In her e-mail message this morning was the following letter:

“Dear G:

“Today is Nicholas’ birthday. I went grocery shopping deliberately in a low income part of town, and bought the person’s groceries behind me as a birthday present to me and my big boy (inspired by Monkee See – Monkee Do). I left before the woman behind me in line knew I had paid for her things. A few minutes later I saw her climb into the driver’s seat of her car, put her head in her hands, and weep.

“I was so nervous trying to explain to the cashier what I wanted to do that I left my phone in the store. When I went back to get it, that same cashier told me that the woman behind me had been buying all of that food for a domestic violence shelter.”

Ever done something like that?  Paid for the person following you…at a grocery store, a toll booth?  Ever done something unexpected that can have favorable results?

I would hope…when we do that…we don’t do it for any other reason than caring ALWAYS has a place from us to others.

Okay.  Lots to chide about.  And, for any one of us, we can do a list—probably pretty quickly—of what chagrins us, what offends us.  Maybe even since yesterday.

However, today is Friday, Sunday is Palm Sunday the first step of Holy Week.  A special time when all that swirls life, even death, is important, for it doesn’t miss any of us.

So, take a moment or two…and list the goodness [and maybe even mercy] you have experienced this past week.  But more vital and vitalizing, keep in your mind [and heart and soul] this coming week…and look for the one opportunity—perhaps more than one—when you can do something of value for someone else.  Not to be applauded, but to know in the center of your heart and the pulsing of your soul, you have done the good thing, yes, the right thing…and even more, what it means to be doing what God wants each of us to do.

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I am an ordinary man, living an extraordinary life with my wife and partner-in-greatness, Vicki. We have two amazing kids who are living incredible adventures of their own. I enjoy most things I do, but especially coffee, the beach and a good read. My opinions are my own.

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