The Right Thing To Do

I came across this from Mark Miller this week and know it will inspire you. This is truly evidence that there is a better way.

Mark H. Miller's Blog

One of the most apt questions that should guide and encourage the manner of life we live is this, “How is love best served?”

To that I add another: “What is the right thing to do?”

Believe me. That is not academic. In our new home situation the only water that pooled was in our back yard. We were lucky. Very lucky. Our thanks to the many family and friends who inquired.

But with that the right thing to do is to check with family and friends who may have been in harm’s way. I have learned one family from a former congregation was clobbered by the flooding waters in and through San Marcos. First agenda in the morning—tis pretty late tonight—is to contact them and see what can be done. And honestly. If they need someone to help clean out the muck and pooled water, I know where my…

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I am an ordinary man, living an extraordinary life with my wife and partner-in-greatness, Vicki. We have two amazing kids who are living incredible adventures of their own. I enjoy most things I do, but especially coffee, the beach and a good read. My opinions are my own.

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