Why I’m Not Getting On Board

trainThere’s a lot of talk about ‘getting on board’ lately. The most recent example is the U.S. Election and the slogan ‘Get on board the Trump train’ (or as I call it, the Trump train wreck).

This kind of talk has always been present, in the background, directly-stated or quietly implied. People have always tried to get others ‘on board’ with their plans, dreams and agenda. After all, isn’t the great evangelical missionary movement of the 19th and 20th century testament to this?

I suggest that the politicisation of the Church is a prime example of this The now-famous phrase ‘If you’re not for us, you’re against us’ has caught on in many Christian circles in the wake of 9/11 and the ongoing Western slaughter of middle-easterners. Today you are either with ‘us’ or ‘them,’ a ‘Democrat’ or a ‘Republican’ (in Australia, ‘Liberal’ or ‘Labor’), a ‘Christian’ or an ‘Unbeliever.’

Why do we have to be one or the other? Why does the call go out to ‘get on board’ when, perhaps, we are already on board and everyone else is at the station: dreaming, redecorating, imagining, rearranging the furniture?

Seriously, when somebody says that I’m not following the determined agenda or embracing the organisation’s vision because I’m too fearful and that I need to trust God more, it only shows they don’t really understand the way that this kind of faulty logic wreaks havoc in my mind.

To me it sounds like you’re saying  (1) God only has one way of doing things and it’s yours, (2) if I don’t jump on board with that it can only be because I am afraid and I don’t trust God enough, (3) my hesitation has nothing to do with how I have felt through the whole process and how I perceive an incredible group bias in ‘discerning God’s will,’ and (4) my hesitation has nothing to do with the fact that possibly I find this kind of change difficult because it has a totally different meaning to me than it has to you. Please stop pontificating, using manipulative language and assuming you know me and my way of processing information. Stop equating your path with God’s plan and your vision with a word from the Almighty. And stop expecting I ‘get on board’ this great cruise ship of holy dreams. I’m not there. I may never be there. I’m not sure I even want to be there.

 So, please, be careful with the words you use and the assumptions you make based only on your understanding or experience. You might be surprised how many people are just like me.


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