The Truth of God

The truth of God is  greater far
Than our poor human mind,
Than any doctrine, creed,or sect,
All partial and confined.

His treasures hold uncounted wealth
That hearts have never heard.
Our boundless God has yet more  light
To shine out from His Word.

Who dares to limit God Himself
To what we understand,
To shrink His sprawling mystery
And  hold it in our hand?

Immensity of purest love!
An ocean unexplored!
Our boundless God has yet more light
To shine out from His Word.

O Lord, Your Word  is Jesus Christ,
Your truth in us begun,
But O the depths of all He  is
And all that He has done!

Let faith and love each day increase
The  hunger You have stirred:
May more and more of Christ our Light
Shine  brightly from Your Word!

Words by Ken  Bible and George Rawson (1807-1889) from MINEmergent Daily